A Beginner’s Guide to Business-Related Aspects of United States Immigration Law

Wangerin, Paul T. | January 1, 1983

Recent media references to various aspects of United States immigration law – important legislative changes recently suggested by introduction of the Simpson-Mazzoli “Immigration Reform and Control Act”; the crisis involving refugees arriving in the United States from Cuba, Haiti, and Southeast Asia; massive investments in domestic companies by citizens or residents of Middle Eastern oil-producing countries; potential reaction by European business people to President Reagan’s changing stance regarding investments in the Soviet Union; the economic policies of France’s socialist government; and the United States’ deteriorating relation wtih certain Central and South American countries – have drawn renew attention to the legal barriers that foreign individuals or corporations may encounter if they wish to enter the United States to visit, live, work, or invest. Furthermore, as numerous United States and foreign based corporations have reflect upon the events generating such medica references they ahve begun to re-examine their own plans regarding present or potential employment of foreign people within the United States.