Addicted to the Pump

Reese, Shaneka | January 1, 2007

Most of the world has acknowledged a growing problem with greenhouse gas emissions (“GHG”), and has expressed that acknowledgement by ratifying the Kyoto Protocol (“Kyoto”). The United States, however, has refused to ratify Kyoto. Automobiles are responsible for the largest portion of the global increase in carbon dioxide emissions. As part of the most powerful industry in the world, U.S. automakers are capable of reducing emissions as required by Kyoto. Adopting Kyoto will in fact prove beneficial to American automakers, by forcing them to adjust to the new market condition that has contributed to the ascendancy of foreign automakers–the desire for more fuel-efficient vehicles. As the industry is already moving towards more environmentally friendly cars, ratifying Kyoto would only accelerate a process already underway, while simultaneously stimulating innovation.