Competition Law and Policy in Flux: The Developing Country Experience Symposium on Competition Law and Policy in Developing Countries: Introduction

Van Zandt, David | January 1, 2006

This issue sheds light on the meaningful themes which are the driving forces in the global sphere of competition law and policy. It is also pertinent to note that the timing of this symposium is unique and coincides with the annual conference of the International Competition Network (ICN) to be held in South Africa in May 2006. The ICN is the only international body devoted exclusively to competition law enforcement and it consists of some ninety-four competition authorities from eighty-three countries. It has also become the premier international discussion forum on competition issues. With great pride, I invite you to be part of this symposium issue. Northwestern University’s Journal of International Law and Business has always strived to keep abreast the foremost issues that fall within the nexus of international, legal and business issues. This special symposium issue continues to uphold this tradition while serving as a forum that has gathered different perspectives on the topic of competition law and policy in developing countries-a forum that will hopefully educate its audiences, as well as generate responses and discussion amongst its readers.