E.U. Competition and Private Actions for Damages, The Symposium on European Competition Law

Berrisch, Georg, Jordan, Eve, Roldan, Rocio Salvador | January 1, 2004

There are numerous reasons why private enforcement of E.U. competition law remains underdeveloped in Europe. The main reason is perhaps that it is not regulated by E.U. law but by Member State law. This in itself creates legal uncertainty. A system that creates optimal conditions for individuals to challenge infringements of competition rules before national courts ensures a high level of compliance. It is therefore no surprise that the European Commission (“Commission”) is keen to see the general use of private enforcement, and in particular of actions for damages, in Europe increase. This paper focuses on one particular aspect of private enforcement of competition law in the European Union, namely actions for damages, and compares the situation in the European Union with that of the United States.