Embracing Non-ICSID Investment Arbitration? The Chinese Perspective

Chen, Meng | March 1, 2019

This article introduces and examines Chinese arbitration institutions’ recent movements to expand non-ICSID investment arbitration services, which could potentially contravene existing relevant Chinese laws and judicial practice, and it explores the prospects for non-ICSID investment arbitration in China. The article first compares ICSID and non-ICSID investment arbitration to determine the differences between them and their respective selling points for stakeholders in investment disputes. Next, the article examines the diverse mechanisms involved and highlights the different rules that govern non-ICSID arbitration, including the rules established by Chinese arbitration institutions in recent years. The article then further analyzes the obstacles in existing Chinese legislation and judicial practice that have impeded the use of non-ICSID investment arbitration in China. Finally, after briefly introducing proposals to remove these obstacles, the article examines the future prospects for Chinese non-ICSID investment arbitration.