European Views of United States Anti-Bribery and Anti-Boycott Legislation

Goldstein, E. Ernest | January 1, 1979

Today, the United States Congress has made an attempt to legislate against corrupt practices and to encourage other countries to do the same. During the past year, I have had the opportunity to meet with numerous European groups in conferences, seminars, conventions, and one-day study sessions to discuss the most recent American legislation dealing with immoral business practices: the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and the anti-boycott legislation within the Export Administration Amendments of 1977. This perspective is not intended to reproduce the remarks made on such occasions to European businessmen and lawyers, nor is it a scientific survey of European business or professional opinions concerning the two American legislative enactments. In this perspective, I would like to relay some of my impressions of the views and comments of the people with whom I have discussed the U.S. anti-bribery and anti-boy cott legislation. This perspective also will reflect certain European governmental attitudes as disclosed by an absence of legislation.