Eximbank as a Public Enterprise: The Role of Congress and the Executive Branch

Hillman, Jordan Jay | January 1, 1982

Eximbank, a wholly-owned government corporation with the status of an independent agency, operates under the charter of the Export-Import Bank of 1945, as amended. In this article, which forms a part of his broader study of the Bank, Professor Hillman examines the influence of Congress and the Executive Branch on Eximbank’s policies and decisions. He analyzes the development of the statutory provisions governing capitalization, operating (especially lending) standards and organizational structure, as well as budget status and annual program authority. He then takes up the influence of the executive branch, as exercised through the President’s power to appoint principal officers and board members to serve at his pleasure, the OMB budget function and the “coordinating” authority of the National Advisory Council on International Monetary and Financial Policies.