How Does Europe Regulate Powers Within Its Corporations? What Might the Answer Mean for the U.S.? An Essay and Review of European Company Laws: A Comparative Approach

Dowling, Donald C. Jr. | January 1, 1992

European Company Laws: A Comparative Approach is a compilation of ten essays by various authors on the jurisprudence of corporate control within Europe. The book focuses on the company laws within the various member states, somewhat to the exclusion of the emerging EC-level corporate laws. Yet while European Company Laws concerns itself with member states’ internal company laws, the book’s goal is much loftier than merely compiling the European states’ corporate statutes into some sort of practitioners’ guide. Rather, European Company Laws attempts to divine jurisprudential truths about the regulation of power within the European company by examining the European company from different substantive law perspectives. Each of the book’s nine substantive chapters takes a different approach toward the same destination: Divining the nature of control within the European enterprise.