International Legal Practice Involving England and New York Following Adoption of the United Kingdom Legal Services Act of 2007

Cone, Sydney M. III | January 1, 2008

This article deals with the regulation of legal services in England and New York in the context of, first, multidisciplinary practice (“MDP”) and, second, permitted investment in legal practice. The article summarizes both the background of and potential differences between the regulations in those two jurisdictions, and comments on the possible reconciliation of those differences. Because, chronologically, New York was the first of the two jurisdictions under consideration to adopt rules on MDP, the New York rules will be considered first, and the more recent statute, known as the United Kingdom Legal Services Act 2007 (hereinafter “U.K. Act”), will then be considered as it applies to England. The article will then analyze the implications of the New York and English rules for international legal practice involving the two jurisdictions.