International Tax Reform Should Begin at Home: Replace the Corporate Income Tax with a Territorial Expenditure

Barker, William B. | January 1, 2010

The present U.S. system of international taxation is riddled with problems because it does not satisfy critical principles of economics, justice, or common sense. It fails to accomplish the most important goals that an international system should achieve – that is, protecting the domestic tax base in a way that fosters domestic economic development and the creation of jobs. This paper explores alternatives to the present system to see if they do a better job. Some of the alternatives fail for the same reasons as the present system because they are predicated on the same outmoded theories. Some are clearly an improvement, but at the same time raise other significant issues. There is one system, however, that consistently overcomes these defects in a way that would promote domestic business activity and job growth. That system is a destination-based, territorial consumption tax for all corporations.