Is Latin American Taxation Policy Appropriate for Promoting Foreign Direct Investment in the Region?

Hurtado, Hugo A. | January 1, 2011

The purpose of this article is to analyze whether the international tax policy adopted by different Latin American countries is the most appropriate for promoting foreign direct investment and what measures can be adopted by these countries in order to improve such policy. I conclude that an integrated international tax policy would promote greater FDI in the region. To achieve this goal, an analysis of the appropriate tax policy must be delivered to a multidisciplinary body with a presence in the whole region that is able to interact with scholars, private practitioners, and treasury ministries to exchange ideas and adapt the process to each country. Successful implementation would require the creation of a supranational tax court whose decisions are directly applied in the respective countries. I suggest that the process should be led by Argentina, Brazil, Chile, and Mexico and then gradually followed by the other countries in the region.