Legal Hurdles to Developing Wind Power as an Alternative Energy Source in the United States: Creative and Comparative Solutions

Dinnell, Adam M., Russ, Adam J. | January 1, 2007

This article discusses how parties have used current domestic environmental laws to curb the development of a more “environmentally-friendly” alternative energy source: wind power. As the ever-increasing demand for oil and petroleum around the world leads to rising costs throughout the nation, investing in new energy sources is considered crucial to sustainable development in the United States. Wind power has the potential to serve as a clean, efficient, and renewable source of energy in the 21st Century. The further development of wind power could create a meaningful alternative energy supply, relaxing geopolitical and economic concerns over this country’s strict century-old diet of fossil fuels. Unfortunately for proponents, wind power projects, despite their environmentally-conscious potential, have been successfully stalled in recent years by the unlikeliest of foes–legislation designed to protect the environment.