The Treatment of Global Mergers: An Australian Perspective

Corones, S.G. | January 1, 2000

The purpose of this article is to examine some recent global mergers from an Australian perspective. The article begins by considering the administrative tribunal and Court structure in Australia, as well as the procedural, substantive. and remedial aspects of Australian laws regulating global mergers. It then considers the Merger Guidelines and their focus on the unilateral and co-ordinated post-merger effects that are likely to occur. The article examines a number of recent global mergers. including Coopers & Lybrand/Price Waterhouse, BAT/Rothmans, Pepsi Co/Smith’s Snack Foods and Coca-Cola/Cadbury Schweppes, as well as their assessment by the ACCC. Finally, it considers some of the problems posed by multiple merger review by competition agencies around the world.