Title V of the 2nd Lome Convention Between EEC and ACP States: A Critical Assessment of the Industrial Cooperation as it Relates to Africa

Kofele-Kale, Ndiva | January 1, 1983

On October 31, 1979, representatives from fifty-eight African-Caribbean-Pacific (ACP) and nine European Economic Community (EEC) States signed the second Lome Convetion. This agreement will govern the technical, commercial, and financial relations between the two groups of countries from March 1, 1980 through February 28, 1985. Lome II is the fifth in a series of conventions concluded between the EEC countries and the developing nations of Africa, the Caribbean, and the Pacific. Like its predecessors, Lome II was designed to “establish a model for relations between developed and developing states,” and lay the foundation for a “New International Economic Order.” Toward this end, Lome II provided more than 5,607 million European units of account (EUA) – the equivalent of $6,924 million US – in trade and development assistance to the ACP states.