Prospective Members

Founded in 1979, the Northwestern Journal of International Law and Business (JILB or the Journal) is one of three print journals at Northwestern University School of Law. JILB publishes three issues per year compiling scholarly articles about private international law and business. JILB publishes up to eight student notes or comments each year.

The Journal chooses members through an annual competition. The competition occurs after the law school exam period each spring, and is JILB’s primary means of selecting members. Competitors must complete both a case note writing portion and a Bluebook editing portion for the competition. JILB extends offers to students based on their performance. Students who have transferred to Northwestern can also participate in the competition.

Participation on JILB is a two year commitment. During the first year of membership, staff members assist with source and cite checking articles accepted for publication, complete office hour assignments, and must write three drafts of a note or comment of publishable quality on a topic of private international law and business. Completion of a note or comment for JILB also satisfies part of the School of Law’s graduation writing requirement. Staff members are encouraged to submit their notes or comments for publication in the Journal.

At the end of the academic year, staff members have the opportunity to apply to serve on the editorial board, or they may become senior editors in their third year. Senior editors assist in various aspects of the publication process, mentor staff members, and advise on student notes and comments.

For more information about JILB membership, please contact the Membership Editor.